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Air Europa Líneas Aéreas, S.A.U., branded as Air Europa is the third-largest Spanish airline after Iberia and Vueling. The airline is headquartered in Llucmajor, Mallorca, Spain, and has its main hub at Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport with secondary focus cities at Palma de Mallorca Airport and Tenerife North Airport.Air Europa flies to over 44 destinations around Spain, Europe, South America, North America, the Caribbean, Morocco, and Tunisia.

An angry customer mentioned, "Air Europa has the worst online check-in process and rude flight attendants I have tried to check in online and prepay a seat. I got charged the fee for a seat, the process gave an error and I never received a boarding pass. I have tried again and the same happened they took my money did not refund me and I did not receive my boarding pass. On top of that after the 2 unsuccessful attempts to check in I was no longer allowed even to try on the app. I called customer service and they were rude and unhelpful. The flight attendants were rude as well and did not want to facilitate a pen so I can fill in my migration papers. When I asked for a pen they replied -“that’s your problem not ours”. I asked again if you are not able to facilitate a pen how am I going to fill the required migration documents? They replied that’s your problem! Rude! Yes it’s a cheap airline but at least bother to have pens on the plane! And fix your app!! This is the worst app - slow, giving constant error messages and not working ! I will never fly AirEuropa again and remember the cheap costs eventually a lot!"


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Agente de ventas (Former Employee) says

"Me ofrecieron un puesto fijo, a los dos días me partí el brazo y no quise darme de baja, iba todos los días a trabajar con el brazo enyesado conduciendo un coche prestado con el riesgo que eso conlleva, aun así la empresa se vende a mediados de este año y no fueron capaces de cumplir su palabra."

Técnico de Control de Espacio (Former Employee) says

"Te lo venden muy bien, pero nada se cumple después. La facilidad de promocion es -2 Cons: El mal ambiente laboral"

Tripulante de cabina de pasajeros (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente es regular en general, la empresa no valora al empleado. Cons: Muchos"

AOG desk (Former Employee) says

"Buena formacion y ambiente agradable, algo de estres, pero con unas condiciones economicas en precario, para un puesto con mucha responsabilidad y estres, pagan 900 euros,un puesto similar en cualquier pais europeo se paga directamente el triple, se aprovechan demasiado del rollo de la crisis Cons: sueldos en precario"

seguridad privada (Former Employee) says

"Poca profesionalidad para una compañía aérea y poco apoyo a sus empleados Cons: Pocos días libres, mal ambiente de trabajo"

coordinador de vuelo (Former Employee) says

"Aceptable,Poco material de trabajo y turnos rotativos pesimos. Cons: casi todo"

Gate Agent, Customer Service Agent, Sales Agent (Former Employee) says

"I learned how to talk appropriately to passengers, to manage every special situation with each person. I learned a new sales system and it was challenging so I loved it for that."

Agente de ventas y postventa (Former Employee) says

"Sólo puedes ir al baño si no hay otro compañero en ese momento, y de preferencia en el momento en que tienes tu descanso de 10 min., y si hace poco que has entrado a trabajar o has tenido tu pausa, no es muy bien visto que vayas al baño. Realmente estresante, incómodo e inhumano. Cons: No se puede ir al baño cuando precisa sino cuando ellos entienden que puedes ir."

Encargado de reparto de maletas extraviadas (Former Employee) says

"todoel dia en el coche,buen royo con los compañeros y 2 días de descanso Cons: poco sueldo para las horas de trabajo"

Tripulante de Cabina de Pasajeros (Former Employee) says

"- Trabajo agradable a la vez de estresante. Cons: Estrés laboral, falta de sueño, insomnio, jet lag, calificación diaria del trabajador, difícil coordinación del trabajo con familiares al cargo."

Tripulante de Cabina de Pasajeros (Former Employee) says

"Empresa multinacional con gran capacidad de negocio, buenas y malas experiencias a partes iguales. Cons: Condiciones de contratación"

Oficial de 2ª (Former Employee) says

"Trabajo ligero"

Operario de rampa (Former Employee) says

"Trabajo agradable, requiere esfuerzo físico pero con espacios para descansar e intercambiar palabras con los compañeros. Mucha cooperación entre los trabajadores ya que cada uno desempeñaba una función que en conjuntos hacían poder realizar el trabajo con éxito. Cons: Contratos de un año sin posibilidad de continuar"

Supervisor de Tráfico (Former Employee) says

"Creci como profesional en esta organización y pude demostrar mis habilidades y destrezas en el campo de atención al público así como en el área de ventas. Senti pertenencia y respeto por la organización Cons: no habia una hora fija para la salida ya que eso dependia de la salida del vuelo en hora."

Azafata de vuelo (Former Employee) says

"Buen sueldo Cons: Ninguna"

agente de reservas (Former Employee) says

"abrir la computadora Cons: la distancia"

Lillie Parkes says

"Terrible airline, customer service non existent. Our flight was cancelled in may due to COVID and we still haven’t received a refund or an explanation for why it’s taking so long."

Mark Davis says

"I bought two tickets to Peru in February 2020 to travel in July. The flight was cancelled and I applied for a refund. Many fruitless phone calls later, there is no refund, no communication and no sign of getting almost €2,000 that I badly need. This airline has the worse customer service (although I do feel sorry for the poor phone operators - it's not their fault their employers are embezzlers), and certainly do not deserve to be in the Flying Blue network along with reputable airlines such as KLM and AIr France."

Matthew Burrough says

"I booked a holiday through Love Holidays in February to fly to Cuba in September. In August it was all cancelled due to corona virus. Love Holidays have told me that AE are only offering Credit Notes and and when I have spoken to AE they have told me I am entitled to a refund but that they cannot help me as I booked through Love holidays. LH keep telling me to get proof that I am entitled to a refund by AE but they wont speak to me about it just tell me I am entitled to one as all flights were cancelled. Not sure where to go from here. All I need is written confirmation from Air Europa that I am entitled to a refund. i have e mailed them but have had no response so far just an e mail to say that they have received my e mail. I am happy to give AE a good review if I can receive some proof to show Love Holidays. Thank you"

Thomas says

"Appalling company, I spent over 2 hours on hold and eventually was disconnected, they are uncontactable via any method, they don't reply to tweets, facebook, any social media and they don't answer their phones. My wife must now drive over 3 hours to the airport just to speak to someone at this airline to cancel her ticket, what a disgraceful excuse of a mickey mouse operation they are. Covid is not an excuse either, they could setup dozens of call agents to work from home with a laptop and login details to their system. And the flight was not cheap either!!"

Holly says

"Absolutely disgraceful of a company, cancelled flight and ran before anyone could find out about getting on the next flight out of Madrid, been sitting in the airport for 6 + hours and no one here to answer my questions Tried calling the customer service number and keep getting hung up on. Will never be using this airline again! Its an absolute joke."

Pablo says

"The check-in was not working online and I called the phone number. A really annoying "all agents are busy..." Bs for over an hour and still going on. Pathetic. Furthermore, I've had really really bad experiences with staff. All airlines are horrible, but air Europa must be one of the worst"

Lotte says

"Made a claim on 23.11 WEB0000107016 REFERENCE You denied me accces to my flight with a ticket you didn't accept ( well no problem with accepting my money though ) forced me to buy another and now you do not answer any claims... even though you are a spanish company and logic is none existing you must your self be able to both understand and also acknowledge that I of course should not be paying for 2 tickets on the same flight as I also can't sit on 2 seats.... Again give me my money back for one of the tickets! AT LEAST HAVE THE CURTECY TO ANSWER YOU CLIENTS...... FORMER I MEAN!"

Naim Ramjanali says

"Worst airline I ever had to deal with. As a frequent flyer (I hold a star Alliance gold card) my experience with his airline, makes the Europa/Europe fall in disgrace. The check in took 1.30 hours. We had literally to run to our gate with a 5 years old child. On top of that, the agent at the counter ( who was clear identifying himself as a non Air Europa employee) made a decision to decline my boarding because I didn't hold a return ticket from Brazil. I hold a resident permit and I was traveling with my daughter and wife which are Brazilians , but still I was forced to buy a return ticket that I might never use. I hope they go bankrupt soon and stop operating under the name Europe, because they are disgraceful!"

Matej Krajňák says

"Witholding my money for 5 months and counting. I booked a ticket in june, requested refund in july and still nothing."

Fabio Fanfoni says

"i have been waiting for refund of a reservation since 26 of August, booking reference N8IC9C/ . I ve contacted customer service multiple time and been informed that there are delays with refunds. It has been now 4 months and still haven't heard anything."

customer says

"Still waiting for a refund from a flight in march - eight months later. Terrible customer service too: they have simply lied about what I will get the money, repeatedly"

darren Powell says

"My flights got cancelled in June, and 5 months later I have still not received a refund, despite calling customer services to request one 10 times. Every time I am being told that 'the refund is coming' and 'it is a very busy situation' - it is simply not good enough. I would strongly recommend that you never give this airline your custom."

petra says

"I am still waiting for my refund. Since march. I bought my tickets on I get my refund numbers but AirEuropa said that I have to contact MyTrip. I get my personal data access and I know that AirEuropa did not proceed with refund. So after 8 months I still did not get my money."

Xabier Izaguirre says

"I have been waiting for 6 months for a refund and the customer service line doesn't have anyone after 35 minutes of waiting -"

Davinia Hernandez says

"I requested a refund first week of April because they canceled our flights. I called many times like 20 and I have not receive my money yet. They answered my request on August, saying they will give a voucher but I requested my money and a worker sent me a confirmation about my refund on July. They have a terrible disorganization."

Shanny says

"Never use Air Europa. I am so disappointed in this airline. My flight was cancelled due to Covid-19 I have twice now requested a full refund online (as I was told to) it has been 6 months and still no refund or response. Customer service what customer service, you can’t even get through on the phone. Why do I have to waste all my time and more money when by law I am due my full refund. It’s disgraceful and completely unnecessary. I booked my return flight via a different airline and they have issued a full refund. See it’s not that difficult. No excuse AE it’s wrong that you keep people’s money. Everyone is struggling during these difficult time’s but it give them no right to keep money which does not belong to them. I will never again book with this airline. I will tell all my friends and everyone DO NOT GO WITH THIS AIRLINE!!!!! They take your money and run. Disgusting!!! They should not be allowed to get away with this. I promise you AE I will not give up until I get my money back and an apology."

Mands says

"I also purchased some May flights with Air Europa direct, which cancelled due to COVID. I accepted the offer of a voucher at the time in the hope I could travel with my 4 year old daughter before 11 Apr 2021 - 12 months from the date of issue. I managed to get through to customer service after a 25 minute wait to request a refund and was told I can’t apply for one until the voucher has expired! Has anyone else experienced anything similar? The representative told me to refer to the voucher T&C’s but there aren’t any practically and no reference to refunds or what would happen in the case we weren’t able to fly on the voucher! I’m £1,100 out of pocket and am supposedly going to have to wait until the middle of next year to have it returned. I’m also currently at risk of losing my job, a single parent and could really do with the money for Xmas presents for my daughter. It’s heartbreaking, all for the sake of a poorly run airline who are clearly monetising on my contribution."

Nikita Michael says

"Requested a refund in the end of April, and here we are end of October and still no money back. Their phone lines are always busy, and when you do manage to get through they always respond with 'I have informed the management team to put it forward'. Lies, lies, lies"

Pavel F says

"I have a SUMA card, I bought 9 (nine) flights from aireuropa in November 2020, but after the flight I noticed that one flight point was not added to the card. I lodged a complaint with aireuropa, in response to "Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain the Miles because the flight number provided does not match the flight number indicated on the booking" and "Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain the Miles because the passenger name provided does not match the passenger information for the selected flight ". Bravo aireuropa !!! Why do I need such a bonus card ???"